Vodafone Romania, Huawei break 1.35Gbps speed barrier

5 Jan 2017

Vodafone Romania and Chinese equipment vendor Huawei have partnered to test a 1.35Gbps LTE connection. The technology used in the testing was a combination of 4×4 MIMO, a mix of frequency division duplex (FDD) and time division duplex (TDD) over five carrier aggregation and higher order modulation – 256 QAM.

In the press event promoting these new 4G speeds, Vodafone Romania also announced the launch of its ‘Supernet 4G+’ service, which is available in all 41 county capitals, Bucharest, as well as a further 330 localities. Andrea Rossini, Consumer Business Unit Director of Vodafone Romania stated: ‘After providing our users with advanced services through Supernet 4G, we now launch Supernet 4G+, to offer a new generation of customer experience. With Supernet 4G+ we are able to offer the best combination of technology and services to drive the new trend of consumer behaviour, which includes increasing data consumption on mobile and interactive gaming.’

Romania, Huawei Technologies, Vodafone Romania