JT confirms 70% of planned premises are now connected via fibre

5 Jan 2017

JT Jersey (formerly Jersey Telecom, JT) has announced that it has now completed 70% of its planned connections to its fibre-optic broadband network. In a press release the telco confirmed that, having initially said in May 2012 that it aimed to connect over 34,000 properties, by the end of 2016 it had swapped broadband connections at just over 24,000 premises to the new high speed/capacity network. In addition, JT noted that with the number of broadband connections in Jersey having increased by around 10%, or 3,000, over the last four years or so, it now expects to have connected more than 37,000 properties to fibre by the time it completes its ‘Gigabit Jersey’ project.

JT’s project was reportedly split into three phases, those being: installing the main computer system to sit at the heart of the new network; running fibre-optic cabling within easy reach of every broadband customer in Jersey; and connecting all of those customers directly to the new network. According to the operator, the first two phases are now 100% complete, with the third now at the 70% mark.

Commenting on the project’s progress, JT’s Director of Corporate Affairs Daragh McDermott, said: ‘We are really proud of the Gigabit team for what they have achieved in 2016. It’s been our best year yet in terms of the number of properties connected to fibre, and sets us up really well for 2017 … This network has put Jersey ahead of nearly every other jurisdiction in the world, most of whom are now trying to work out how they can catch-up. We’re looking forward to the forthcoming States’ Digital Policy Framework, which will help the Island to realise the full potential of having fibre-optic cabling going all the way to homes/offices of all broadband customers.’

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