Telekom Deutschland enables VDSL for over one million homes

4 Jan 2017

Telekom Deutschland, the domestic fixed and mobile unit of German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom (DT), has expanded its VDSL and VDSL Vectoring service to a further 117 locations, enabling customers in the upgraded areas to access maximum download speeds of 100Mbps. Following the latest upgrade work, the telco’s high speed footprint now covers an additional 299,000 households, adding to the 500,000 homes in 99 locations that had been upgraded with VDSL or VDSL Vectoring technology at the start of December and the 321,000 households in 97 areas added a couple of weeks later. The telco also revealed that last year it rolled out more than 30,000km of fibre-optic cables, increasing the total length of its network to 400,000km.

Germany, Telekom Deutschland