T-Mobile CR plots path to 5G with high-capacity radio link from Ericsson

4 Jan 2017

T-Mobile’s Czech mobile unit says that, with one eye on the 5G horizon, it has installed a microwave link in its network with capacity of up to 10Gbps, using equipment supplied by Ericsson. The Swedish vendor completed the installation in late 2016, it says, using a new device, the MINI-LINK 6352, in a so-called ‘two associated transmitters’ (2 + 0) configuration that connects its backbone site in Prague with an LTE transmitter, bringing a combination of high capacity and low latency – characteristics that are considered key to future 5G rollouts. In a press release, the cellco confirmed that it is using microwave links in areas where optical fibre cabling is not available, noting that the Ericsson MINI-LINK 6352 uses frequencies in the 70GHz-80GHz band (E-band). An outdoor microwave device, MINI-LINK 6352 is claimed to provide ‘a rapid construction of the network without the need for internal installation’.

Czech Republic, Ericsson, T-Mobile Czech Republic