Telkom’s triple-play offer reaches 1.6m subscribers

3 Jan 2017

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) says that its ‘IndiHome’ branded triple-play – i.e. telephony, internet access and TV/video content – fibre service reported 1.6 million subscribers at the end of 2016, reaching the milestone in less than two years since it launched. Director of Consumer for Telkom, Dian Rachmawan, told local news portal IndoTelko: ‘Telkom has successfully modernised an old copper-based network with new access networks based on fibre-to-the-home (FTTH). The success of Telkom to ‘hook up’ 1.6 million subscribers in less than two years is a turning point in the return of our fixed line business after more than a decade of it being eroded by cellular services.’ According to Dian, there are still a potential 20 million homes that will be looking to take fixed broadband throughout Indonesia, adding that this year Telkom is looking to sign up an additional 1.8 million IndiHome FTTH users, with much of the growth expected to come from Eastern Indonesia.

Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia