ENACOM signs new decree aimed at boosting competition in Argentina

3 Jan 2017

The National Entity for Communications (Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones, ENACOM) has announced that it has signed a new decree – Decreto 1340/2016 – which establishes guidelines aimed at improving convergence within the Argentinian telecoms market, promoting the deployment of next generation networks (NGN) and boosting broadband penetration. As part of the decree, which was included in the Official Gazette yesterday (2 January), the watchdog seeks to stage an international spectrum tender within the next six months, in an effort to maximise the country’s frequency resources. The preparations for the spectrum tender will see a reallocation of certain frequency bands, with financial compensation issued in any instances where airwaves must change hands. Finally, the decree also confirms that mobile operators will finally be permitted to enter the cable TV sector from 2018, as previously mooted.

Argentina, National Communications Agency (ENACOM)