HKT warns of admin fee hike

23 Dec 2016

Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), which is part of the PCCW Group, has warned that consumers may face an increase in admin fees of up to 67% by 2021. According to a report from the South China Morning Post, HKT is expecting fees to increase from HKD18 (USD2.32) a month currently to over HKD30 in five years. The telco says that higher spectrum fees and the increasing cost of gaining access to infrastructure such as the MTR underground rail network will have to be passed on to the end user. A statement from HKT says: ‘It is expected that the admin fee will increase significantly because the monopolists insist on extracting higher fees to subsidise their core businesses. On average, road tunnel costs and MTR costs have been increasing by 8% and 10% each year respectively.’ The last increase in the admin charge was in 2006, when it rose from HKD12 a month.

Hong Kong, HKT (incl. CSL)