TIM takes another step towards 5G

22 Dec 2016

Telecom Italia (TIM) says it has successfully tested Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN) technology in its labs in Turin and in the field on its networks in the town of Saluzzo, 60km south of Turin. It says the trials mark another step in its development of 5G mobile systems. The cellco claims that the vRAN solution from Altiostar can fully exploit the advanced functionalities of LTE technology by coordinating signals from various radio base stations using inter-site Carrier Aggregation (CA) via a centralised and virtualised infrastructure.

Meanwhile, TIM has also confirmed that Turin will be the first city in Italy to experience its 5G network. It hopes to have 3,000 users connected to a trial 5G system in the city by end-2018.

Italy, Telecom Italia (TIM)