Siminn switches on 200Mbps LTE-A

20 Dec 2016

Icelandic operator Siminn has commercially deployed LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) transmitters supporting download speeds of 200Mbps, following a successful trial with Swedish vendor Ericsson in November. The company claims to now offer LTE population coverage of 95.5% via a grid comprising 200 base transceiver stations (BTS), with new transmitters deployed in Kjalarnes, Mosfellsdalur, Borgarhafnarfjall, Gunnolfsvikurfjalli and Thorbjorn. Going forward, Siminn expects to achieve downlink of 300Mbps over the LTE-A network in 2017.

TeleGeography notes that Siminn commercially deployed its LTE network in January 2014, using 2×20MHz spectrum in the 1800MHz frequency band. The network offered maximum download speeds of 100Mbps at launch, though in April 2015 Siminn upgraded its LTE transmitters and upped the maximum download speeds over the 4G network to 150Mbps, using equipment provided by Swedish vendor Ericsson.

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