HKT unhappy with Hong Kong’s spectrum policy

16 Dec 2016

Hong Kong fixed and mobile services provider Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) has written to the government of the territory calling for reforms to its policy covering wireless spectrum. In an open letter, the PCCW-owned telco claims the region risks becoming a ‘third-class citizen in mobile service development’.

The operator’s worries include the government not doing enough to free up more wireless spectrum, a failure to follow up on a promise to implement spectrum trading, and insufficient public engagement over a planned frequency reassignment exercise. Telecom Asia writes that HKT has also expressed concern that spectrum prices have ‘increased astronomically over the years’, which has resulted in Hong Kong spectrum prices becoming ‘the most expensive in the world’. The telco ends its letter by saying: ‘What Hong Kong needs is a forward-looking, accommodating and holistic approach to spectrum policy, not a simplistic spectrum auction that is purely designed to maximise government revenues at the expense of the spectrum policy objectives.’

Hong Kong, HKT (incl. CSL)