Orange Egypt, Cisco complete modernisation of backbone network

14 Dec 2016

Orange Egypt and Cisco Systems have announced the successful completion of two major strategic projects, which included the modernisation and capacity upgrade of Orange Network IP-MPLS core and data network backbones in preparation for Orange’s launch of 4G LTE mobile broadband services. Hisham Siblini, Orange Egypt’s CTO, said: ‘The accomplishment of upgrading and modernisation really touches the backbone of our network and we can say today that Orange network is ready for the 4G traffic tsunami. We really rely on our major partner Cisco to fulfil this transformation, which is really a challenge as we have to be ready at the same time for the convergence of our network to a fully integrated operator that includes mobile and fixed networks. We need to realise the needed synergies between both networks, and improve the efficiency as well.’

TeleGeography notes that Orange Egypt acquired its 4G licence in October 2016 for a fee of USD484 million, half of which is due to be paid in Egyptian pounds (EGP) and the remainder in US dollars (USD). Last month the company trialled the technology in Garden City, Cairo, achieving downlink transmission speeds of up to 27Mbps.

Egypt, Cisco Systems, Orange Egypt