APT aiming to migrate all customers to 4G by end of next quarter

13 Dec 2016

Taiwanese multi-service operator Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) has said it expects almost all of its mobile subscribers to have migrated to its 4G network by next quarter, according to the Taipei Times. With the operator’s chairman Lu Fang-ming having informed a local media briefing that APT now has around 1.6 million 4G subscribers, equivalent to a roughly 10% market share, he noted: ‘We have hit the goal we set when the company launched 4G services two years ago … To boost average revenue per user, we hope to expand our customer base.’ With 3G users said to total around 100,000 – accounting for just 6% of the company’s mobile accesses – these customers are expected to upgrade to 4G within the next quarter, with APT having launched a new plan specifically with a view to boosting interest in its LTE-based services. This new tariff expands the scope of its existing plan, which offers unlimited free voice calls, by including calls to users of any other mobile operator within the free usage allowance. Customers subscribing to the plan, which costs TWD999 (USD31) per month, also get unlimited data usage.

Taiwan, Asia Pacific Telecom (APT)