Sotelgui return still a long way off

5 Dec 2016

Defunct Guinean telecoms operator Societe des Telecoms de Guinee (Sotelgui) is no closer to be being revived, Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy, Mamy Moustapha Diaby told Africaguinee in a recent interview. The incumbent was declared bankrupt in February 2013, and as previously reported by TeleGeography, has since experienced a number of aborted attempts to restart its operations.

Minister Diaby said: ‘Nothing is blocking the revival of Sotelgui. But Sotelgui as it is today cannot be restarted. Because to restart a business it must have a minimum of services to be offered to the population. Sotelgui has no such infrastructure, it does not have these service applications … What we are doing today is to finalise the audit of the entire infrastructure of Sotelgui, to agree on a common strategy, this strategy validated by the government and to agree on the business recovery process.’

Guinea, Societe des Telecoms de Guinee (Sotelgui)