Sonera confirms 2018 ‘5G’ date for Helsinki

2 Dec 2016

Finland’s Sonera, a subsidiary of Telia Company, has announced that it will launch ‘5G’ services in Helsinki in 2018 in partnership with Nokia. Valdur Laid, CEO of Sonera, said: ‘We want to drive the industry change and be at the cutting edge of development. Together with Nokia we will ensure that Sonera’s customers in Finland will be able to have the best network and we will also be able to start early with our 5G partnerships to make tomorrow’s services come alive.’ Tommi Uitto, Senior Vice President for Global Product Sales at Nokia Mobile Networks, added: ‘Nokia has created the technology path to evolve operators smoothly towards 5G; Nokia 4.5G Pro and 4.9G technologies will deliver the dramatic improvements in speeds, capacity and latency needed to meet the demand created by myriad connected devices and people. We are pleased to work with Sonera in the greater Helsinki region to be at the forefront of developing a truly connected 5G world.’

Previously, in January 2016 Telia Company and Ericsson entered into a strategic partnership to deploy new network technologies in Stockholm (Sweden) and Tallinn (Estonia) to enable users to ‘experience 5G services’ in 2018. The partners performed the ‘first European field tests of 5G technology’ in Stockholm in October.