Spark and Chorus to trial fibre installation service in Whakatane

30 Nov 2016

Kiwi telcos Spark and Chorus have announced plans to work together on a week-long trial of Spark’s new fibre broadband installation programme, ‘street in a week.’ The trials will begin on 12 December and will take place in Whakatane in a street of existing Spark customers who wish to have fibre broadband installed. The trial scheme will enable up to 400 households to upgrade their copper connection to the new technology, and follows a similar pilot between Spark and Ultrafast Fibre in Hamilton.

So far more than 28% of New Zealanders have chosen to upgrade from copper to fibre where it has been made available, and Spark plans to make it easy for further customers to make the switch. Jason Paris, CEO of Spark Home, Mobile and Business said: ‘Chorus is responsible for around 70% of the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) rollout, supplying fibre to areas where hundreds of thousands of our customers live. We have a great opportunity here, to collaborate with them and learn more about ways of making it easier for our customers’ homes.’

New Zealand, Chorus (New Zealand), Spark