Finland's three largest cellcos win 700MHz licences at minimum prices

25 Nov 2016

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) has announced the results of its 700MHz mobile broadband spectrum licence auction, with the country’s three largest cellcos all securing frequencies at prices which did not rise above their reserve values.

Concluding the auction yesterday (24 November 2016), the FICORA confirmed that Telia Company’s Finnish subsidiary Sonera paid the most for its spectrum, having successfully bid EUR22.33 million (USD23.5 million) for frequency blocks ‘FDD5’ (723MHz-728MHz/778MHz-783MHz) and ‘FDD6’ (728MHz-733MHz/783MHz-788MHz). Both DNA Finland and Elisa Corporation meanwhile paid only a little less – EUR22.00 million each – for their new respective spectrum holdings, with the former securing blocks ‘FDD1’ (703MHz-708MHz/758MHz-763MHz) and ‘FDD2’ (708MHz-713MHz/763MHz-768MHz) and the latter ‘FDD3’ (713MHz-718MHz/768MHz-773MHz) and ‘FDD4’ (718MHz-723MHz/773MHz-778MHz).

As noted by Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) in a separate press release, all the new 700MHz licences are valid for a 17-year period and cover the whole of Finland excluding the Aland Islands. Further, the regulator noted that the winning bidders will not be able to put their new spectrum into commercial use until 1 February 2017.