EE uses 800MHz spectrum to expand LTE network; calls on rivals to ‘get clear on coverage’

24 Nov 2016

UK mobile operator EE has announced it has covered a further 5,000 square kilometres with its LTE network, after switching on its new 800MHz 4G spectrum across 700 sites nationwide. The move has improved indoor signal in 500,000 homes and has increased the coverage of its superfast connection speeds to 75% of the UK, in line with the firm’s target of 95% LTE coverage by 2020. Among the locations provided with 4G for the first time include parts of Shropshire, Somerset, Snowdonia, Oban, Glasgow, Berkshire and Derbyshire. EE plans to equip a further 3,000 sites with 800MHz spectrum before the end of 2017.

Additionally, the cellco has called on other operators to provide customers with greater clarity regarding possible call and data usage locations across the UK on their networks. EE said it believes there is a degree of confusion for customers regarding where they can expect to receive a mobile signal. EE CEO Marc Allera said: ‘Today, people think they will get mobile coverage absolutely everywhere, because as an industry we’ve talked about coverage with confusing population metrics, and language that sets the wrong expectations. Too often, the customer experience has been very different from the marketing. That has to stop.’ EE’s chief has also written an open letter to all three mobile operator CEOs and has requested the support of watchdog Ofcom in an attempt for the industry as a whole to ‘get clear on coverage.’

United Kingdom, BT Group (incl. Openreach), EE