Bite takes ‘first step’ towards 5G with 4.5G test

23 Nov 2016

Wireless provider Bite Latvia has installed what it claims is the country’s first 4.5G base station – capable of providing download speeds up to 1Gbps – at a shopping centre in Riga, describing the deployment of the technology as ‘the first step towards 5G’. The deployment follows the signing of an agreement between Bite and Chinese vendor Huawei last month, under which the two would work together to implement 5G in Latvia. Bite intends to use the first base station as a pilot to test the platform before expanding coverage to new areas in early 2017. Commenting on the development, the cellco’s CEO Kaspars Buls said: ‘Seeing how rapidly internet usage is increasing amongst our customers, and how active they are in acquiring new technology, there is no doubt that we … [must] be one step ahead of trends.’

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