Aero2 must continue with free wireless internet access

23 Nov 2016

Poland’s Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) has extended a requirement under which wireless licensee Aero2 must provide free internet access. Under its original 2600MHz spectrum licence awarded in 2009 Aero2 agreed to offer free access; services were first launched in 2011, and while download speeds were initially limited to 256kbps they were later raised to 512kbps. UKE now says that the requirement to offer free access has been extended beyond the original deadline of 21 December 2016 as Aero2 has not met the minimum network coverage requirements. The regulator says the cellco must continue to carry free services for 36 months after reaching 50% population coverage. Aero2 has not released details on what percentage of the country it currently covers with its 2600MHz system.