Argentine govt orders cellcos to create national mobile database

16 Nov 2016

The Argentine government has announced the creation of a new national register of mobile device users. Cellular network operators will be responsible for funding and implementing measures to identify all mobile users on their networks, and must ensure the information is available to the judiciary and state prosecutors. According to the country’s official gazette, the undertaking represents a joint initiative between the Ministry of Communications (MinCom, Ministerio de Comunicaciones) and the Ministry of Security (MinSeg, Ministerio de Seguridad). The decision was formalised by Joint Resolution No. 6, as signed by the two agencies late last month.

The creation of the database is expected to assist the authorities in combating robbery and organised crime, and should also help to eliminate the black-market trade for stolen mobile handsets. According to a recent report by La Nacion, as many as 5,000 mobile phones are stolen in Argentina every day.