Vodafone NZ set to provide LTE home broadband

14 Nov 2016

Kiwi households suffering from slow and unreliable internet will be given a boost as Vodafone New Zealand prepares to launch its ‘Home Wireless Broadband’ product over its 4G network. Commenting on the new service, which will come into effect in December, Vodafone Consumer Director Matt Williams said: ‘Kiwis are spending more time online – they’re watching videos on multiple devices and old-style ADSL plans delivered over the copper phone network simply don’t cut it anymore. Even if you’re a relatively light user, issues like buffering are still really frustrating.’

The company will offer a 4G ‘plug-and-play’ modem to customers, and tariffs include data allowances of 40GB and 80GB with a home phone service, as well as an ‘80GB Naked’ standalone data plan. Vodafone announced that Home Wireless Broadband will be offered to existing ADSL customers with slow connection speeds who live in 4G coverage areas considered ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

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