China Mobile, Huawei deploy wideband Massive MIMO site on live network

9 Nov 2016

China Mobile has deployed a wideband Massive MIMO site on its live LTE network in the Shanghai region using a solution from Huawei Technologies. According to the vendor, its Massive MIMO solution provides an uplink eight-stream capability configuration to continuously enhance uplink performance of China Mobile’s TD-LTE network, with peak cell throughput rates reaching 72Mbps uplink and 630Mbps downlink at the Shanghai location. Huawei’s release added that a single module supports activation of three carriers in the 2.6GHz frequency range, whilst the expedient delivery of the solution is ‘guaranteed’ as only one optical fibre and a single power cable are required to ensure smooth deployment from an engineering perspective. The vendor also noted that its Massive MIMO solution uses a chipset which supports processing capabilities four-times higher than the industry standard.

The latest deployment from China Mobile and Huawei is being billed as the world’s first commercial wideband Massive MIMO site, which the partners note is another key milestone following a world-first Massive MIMO solution launch in Shanghai in September 2015. China Mobile’s continued research and development work in the Massive MIMO field supports a significant improvement in 4G network spectral efficiency whilst also steering the operator towards future 5G evolution.

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