China Unicom tests G.metro technology with ADVA

4 Nov 2016

China Unicom has conducted a successful field trial of G.metro wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical network (WDM-PON) technology over its so-called ‘fronthaul’ network. The tests, which were carried out in conjunction with ADVA Optical Networking, were said to be ‘wavelength agnostic’, and used a single bidirectional fibre link between head-end and tail-end equipment, ‘reducing the requirement for wavelength configuration and management’. After successfully evaluating the platform, China Unicom showcased it to customers during a laboratory demonstration in Beijing. Guangquan Wang, the director of the telco’s Network Technology Research Institute, commented: ‘Due to booming demand for mobile data, it’s become essential that we find innovative ways to increase capacity … With this field trial and lab demo, we’ve shown how to achieve these efficiencies and ensure low-latency performance. During the trial, the prototype was installed in one of our central offices in Tianjin to replace the transmission link of one of our working LTE stations.’

China, ADVA Optical Networking, China Unicom