Algerian government to debate new telecoms bill

26 Oct 2016

Algeria’s ICT minister Iman Houda Feraoun has disclosed that a draft Code of Posts and Electronic Communications – with an obligation for fixed line incumbent Algerie Telecom (AT) to open its unbundled local loops to alternative operators – will soon be submitted to the country’s Cabinet for discussion, local news source l’Expression reports. The proposed legislation, which was previously named Code of Posts and Telecommunications, is set to replace Telecom Law 03-2000 of 5 August 2000, which provided for the establishment of AT as the country’s sole fixed line operator. Mrs Feraoun said: ‘The old name of the law required the existence of a basic infrastructure including fibre-optic, satellite and other equipment, while electronic communications would incorporate the basic infrastructure, in addition to content exchanges on the network, while also applying this law to virtual operators and internet service providers … This is to adapt to technological progress in this area, due to the intervention of other virtual actors who do not have telecommunications network.’

Algeria, Algerie Telecom (AT), Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (Algeria)