Vodafone UK and Huawei partner on Massive MIMO trial

25 Oct 2016

British mobile network operator (MNO) Vodafone UK has successfully conducted what is claimed to be the first trial of Massive MIMO 2.6GHz time division duplex (TDD) in Europe, doing so in partnership with Chinese vendor Huawei. The trial had been conducted over Vodafone UK’s commercial network in Newbury, with the two companies involved saying the test had achieved ‘great results in terms of spectrum efficiency and increases in network capacity’.

Noting that trials of Massive MIMO will continue, the duo noted that the technology is able to focus the signal into a more precise set of layers making transmission more efficient. These layers can bring more capacity than current 4G systems with the same bandwidth and Massive MIMO is also capable of ‘full dimensional beamforming’, which means it can direct beams both horizontally and vertically.

United Kingdom, Huawei Technologies, Vodafone UK