AT&T 3Q16 revenues up 4.6% to USD40.89bn; Mexican user base passes 10m mark

25 Oct 2016

US telecoms giant AT&T Inc. has reported consolidated revenues of USD40.890 billion for the three months ended 30 September 2016, up 4.6% from USD39.091 million on an annualised basis. The telco credits the improved top-line to its July 2015 takeover of satellite TV provider DirecTV. Meanwhile, AT&T’s operating income increased 8.2% from USD5.923 billion in 3Q15 to USD6.408 billion in the most recent quarter, while net income attributable to AT&T increased from USD2.994 billion to USD3.328 billion.

In operational terms, AT&T reported a total of 133.338 million wireless subscribers in its domestic market as of 30 September 2016, broken down as 53.911 million ‘consumer mobility’ subscribers and 79.427 million ‘business mobility’ users. In addition, the telco closed out the quarter with 20.186 million fixed voice subscribers, 15.618 million fixed broadband customers, 20.777 million satellite TV accounts and 4.515 million ‘U-verse’ IPTV users. Elsewhere, AT&T’s ‘International’ segment reported 10.698 million mobile users in Mexico as of end-September, up 743,000 quarter-on-quarter, alongside 12.476 million Latin American pay-TV customers, of which 5.337 million were located in Brazil.

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