Qualcomm, Telstra, Ericsson and NETGEAR partner on Gigabit Class LTE Mobile Device, Gigabit-Ready network

19 Oct 2016

Qualcomm Incorporated has announced that its subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies has worked closely with Telstra, Ericsson and NETGEAR on what it claims is ‘the world’s first Gigabit Class LTE mobile device’, as well as the first Gigabit Class LTE commercially ready network.

In a press release outlining the fruits of the working relationship between the aforementioned companies it was noted that NETGEAR has worked with Qualcomm Technologies to integrate the Snapdragon X16 LTE modem into the new NETGEAR Mobile Router MR1100, which its creators claim is ‘the first consumer device capable of reaching download speeds of up to 1Gbps.’ These downlink rates are reportedly achieved through a combination of tri-band carrier aggregation (3C), 4×4 MIMO on two aggregated carriers plus 2×2 MIMO on the third carrier, and 256-QAM higher order modulation. Meanwhile, Telstra’s new Gigabit Class LTE network, which utilises key network infrastructure equipment and software from Ericsson, is again claimed to be a world’s first, supporting over-the-air data download speeds up to 1Gbps.

At the 4G/5G Summit, Qualcomm Technologies showed a live demo of the Gigabit Class LTE device and network, while looking ahead it has been said that following delivery of the final NETGEAR Mobile router design, Telstra will complete comprehensive device, network and user testing ahead of a commercial launch in the coming months.

Mike Wright, Telstra’s Group Managing Director Networks, said: ‘We pride ourselves on our connectivity expertise and we continue that tradition today by completing the first commercialisation of a Gigabit Class LTE network and device … With the world’s first Gigabit Class LTE network, we have substantially improved our network capacity and increased real-world LTE download speeds, while also gaining a distinct advantage over competitors as we can now offer an entirely new class of LTE service.’

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