Austria allocates EUR110m for broadband development in 2017

17 Oct 2016

The government of Austria has announced plans to invest EUR110 million (USD120.6 million) in broadband infrastructure development in 2017, reports local newspaper Der Standard. The budget plans, which were unveiled by Finance Minister Hans Jorg Schelling last week, also allocate broadband investment of EUR160 million for 2018, EUR170 million the following year, EUR250 million for 2020 and EUR220 million the year after that. The funding was generated from the multi-band mobile spectrum auction, which was concluded in October 2013.

The investment is aimed at helping Austria achieve the goals of the government’s ‘Breitband Austria 2020’ national broadband strategy, which targets nationwide next generation network (NGN) internet access by 2020, supported by federal, state and EU funding programmes that aim to stimulate competition for the expansion of broadband infrastructure in rural areas. In the form of subsidies, the government is making approximately EUR1 billion available for NGN deployment.