AT&T LTE network now covers 70m people in 144 cities

17 Oct 2016

US telecoms giant AT&T has announced that its Mexican LTE network now covers more than 70 million people in 144 cities across the country. The rollout commenced in earnest in July 2015, and the network went live in October that year, in just six cities. The network covered 42 cities by April this year, and passed the 100-city mark last month. Commenting on the company’s progress, Carlos Sanchez, vice president and chief technology officer, noted: ‘We decided to build a multi-technology network with a one touch strategy for each cell site. We would go to a site, transform it in a short amount of time, and add LTE and radios covering the complete licensed spectrum. This provided access to all of our customers – with room to grow. We chose the strengths from each core network [Iusacell and Nextel] to combine into one world-class network.’ Going forward, AT&T expects the 4G network to cover 100 million people by the end of 2018.

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