AT&T to introduce Gigabit broadband in eleven new metro areas

5 Oct 2016

US telecoms giant AT&T has announced plans to connect homes, apartments and small business locations to its Gigabit broadband service in eleven new metropolitan areas, as part of AT&T’s ongoing commitment to bring its 1Gbps service to at least 67 metro areas – 45 of which will be connected by the end of the year. The eleven additional metropolitan areas are: Gainesville and Panama City (Florida); Columbus (Georgia); Central Kentucky (Kentucky); Lafayette (Louisiana); Biloxi-Gulfport and Northeast Mississippi (Mississippi); Wilmington (North Carolina); South-eastern Tennessee and Knoxville (Tennessee); and Corpus Christi (Texas). The planned expansion will take place under the newly created ‘AT&T Fiber’ branding, which replaces the telco’s long-running U-verse product suite.

AT&T notes that it has already launched Gigabit broadband in selected parts of 29 of the nation’s largest metro areas. The service is now marketed to more than three million locations, of which over 500,000 include apartment and condominium units. The telco says that it is on track to exceed its target of 12.5 million locations by mid-2019.

United States, AT&T