Algerian cellcos launch 4G LTE services

27 Sep 2016

Algeria’s Regulatory Authority for Post and Telecommunications (Autorite de Regulation de la Poste et des Telecoms, ARPT) has awarded the executive decrees authorising the deployment of 4G LTE networks to Algerie Telecom Mobile (Mobilis), Optimum Telecom Algerie (OTA, trading as Djezzy) and Ooredoo Algeria, with all three operators now advertising ‘4G+’ services on their websites. According to Algerie Focus, the cellcos must pay one-off licence fees of DZD5 billion (USD45.9 million, Mobilis), DZD4 billion (OTA) and DZD2 billion (Ooredoo) within 20 days of the licence award, in addition to an annual fee of 1% of revenues generated by 4G services.

With regards to the deployment schedule, the government has divided the country into two categories – C1 (15 high priority wilayas, or regions) and C2 (33 low priority wilayas). According to the authorisations’ terms and conditions, the three operators must achieve minimum coverage of 10% within one year of operation in the following wilayas: Ouargla, Algiers and Oran (Mobilis); Djelfa, Setif and Constantine (OTA); and Bechar, Tlemcen and Tizi Ouzou (Ooredoo). Once the minimum coverage obligations have been achieved in the stipulated wilayas, the operators will be authorised to deploy their 4G services in three to four additional wilayas each year.