TOT, AIS ink six-month 2100MHz roaming deal

23 Sep 2016

Thailand’s state-owned telecoms firm TOT and Advanced Wireless Network (AWN), a subsidiary of mobile market leader Advanced Info Service (AIS), have signed a six-month contract that will see AWN roam on the other firm’s 2100MHz network on a trial basis. According to the Nation which cites an unnamed TOT source, AWN will pay its host a monthly roaming fee of THB325 million (USD9.4 million). If the trial proves successful, AWN will pay TOT an annual fee of THB3.9 billion and gain access to 80% of the other firm’s 2100MHz network capacity.

The roaming pact, which has been in the offing since March this year, was augmented in June with a parallel 900MHz 2G roaming deal. In all, it is expected to earn TOT a total of THB5.6 billion per year, of which THB2 billion is derived from the spectrum access and the remaining THB3.6 billion will come from the leasing out of the cell towers.