Telstra and Ericsson conduct outdoor 5G tests over a live network

21 Sep 2016

Australia’s Telstra and Swedish vendor Ericsson have conducted tests of what they claim is ‘one of the world’s first 5G trial systems’ in Melbourne. In a press release confirming the development the duo said the trial had demonstrated 5G capabilities in a real world environment over a live network, including tests on speed, latency, and beam steering. It was noted that the 5G trial system used 800MHz of spectrum, more than ten times the amount that Telstra currently utilises for its 4G infrastructure, with the tests achieving aggregate speeds greater than 20Gbps, with an indicative latency of at least half of what is seen in current 4G networks.

Telstra’s chief technology officer Philip Jones suggested that the 5G demonstration provided a glimpse into the future and what mobile performance could be like in the years to come, saying: ‘Today we conducted the first live 5G trial on Australia soil, and did so in a real world, outdoor environment. This provided a truly realistic view of what 5G will be able to offer.’ Meanwhile, Mike Wright, Telstra’s Group Managing Director Networks said of the trial: ‘The results we have seen with demonstrations are extremely promising particularly in this early stage of the technology development.’

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