AT&T unveils Project AirGig; seeks to deliver multi-Gigabit speeds over power lines

21 Sep 2016

AT&T has unveiled Project AirGig, a ‘transformative technology’ from its AT&T Labs division that it says could potentially deliver low-cost, multi-Gigabit wireless internet speeds using power lines. A media statement from AT&T Labs reads: ‘We’re deep in the experimentation phase. This technology will be easier to deploy than fibre, can run over licence-free spectrum and can deliver ultra-fast wireless connectivity to any home or handheld wireless device. We designed Project AirGig literally from the ground up to be both practical and transformational. Our initial and ongoing testing at AT&T outdoor facilities has been positive. We expect to kick off our first field trials in 2017 … AT&T has more than 100 patents or patent applications supporting this new technology and other access technologies. We think Project AirGig is unlike anything that’s out there. We’re experimenting with multiple ways to send a modulated radio signal around or near medium-voltage power lines. There is no direct electrical connection to the power line required and it has the potential of multi-Gigabit speeds in urban, rural and underserved parts of the world.’

United States, AT&T, AT&T Communications