Croatia sets new termination rates for 2017

19 Sep 2016

The Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (Hrvatska regulatorna agencija za mrezne djelatnosti, HAKOM) has set new fixed and mobile wholesale termination rates for the three years from 2017. The mobile termination rate (MTR) will drop from HRK0.063 (USD0.0093) per minute to HRK0.047 with effect from 1 July 2017. The cost of terminating a call on the fixed network of incumbent operator T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT) has been increased to HRK0.0088 per minute at peak times (up from HRK0.0060 at present) and HRK0.0044 per minute off-peak (HRK0.0030 currently), effective from the same date, while the call origination cost will rise to HRK0.0101 peak (from HRK0.00836) and HRK0.0050 off-peak (from HRK0.00418). HAKOM says the decisions have been approved by the European Commission (EC). The full list of decisions can be found at