DT, Huawei achieve LTE speeds of 1.2Gbps in Berlin

13 Sep 2016

During a live demonstration in Berlin, German telecoms group Deutsche Telekom (DT) and China’s Huawei have achieved mobile data transfer speeds of more than 1.2Gbps over an LTE network. The two companies used ‘LTE Advanced Pro’ technology with a conventional mobile base station, which was bundled with a small cell solution. Data traffic flowed over five carrier frequencies, the telco noted. In addition, both the transmitter station and the receiving devices supported 4×4 MIMO technology, enabling individual users to enjoy peak speeds of more than 1Gbps.

Commenting on the development, Claudia Nemat, DT’s Board Member for Europe and Technology, said: ‘User behaviour is evolving rapidly on the way to a Gigabit society. That’s why fast internet access can’t be limited to just fixed lines and fibre-optics – our customers also want the highest possible speeds for maximum comfort on the go as well. As you can see, our network delivers. We are ahead of our time and ahead of the competition.’ In an earlier test, last year, DT and Huawei aggregated three carrier frequencies in Berlin, achieving download speeds of over 340Mbps.