Osiptel to disconnect unverified pre-paid lines

2 Sep 2016

Peruvian telecoms watchdog the Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Organismo Supervisor de Inversion Privada en Telecommuniciones, Osiptel) has warned that unverified SIMs belonging to users with more than ten registered mobile lines will be disconnected on 8 September. According to the regulator, 33,703 subscribers own more than ten mobile lines, representing a total of 1.291 million pre-paid lines. Of that number, only 8,197 subscribers have validated their accounts through the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status’s (Registro Nacional de Identificacion y Estado Civil, RENIEC’s) fingerprint biometric verification system. More than one million of the lines belong to Claro customers, whilst 204,000 are registered to Entel and 75,000 to Movistar whilst Bitel has not provided any information to the regulator, Osiptel added.

On 24 August this year the watchdog partially suspended 935,813 unverified lines belonging to customers with more than ten lines, enabling them to receive but not make calls. Osiptel also added that the deadlines for the second phase of the verification process, covering users with between five and ten lines, are 23 January and 7 February2017.