Vodafone Australia plans 5G trials later this year

25 Aug 2016

Vodafone Australia has revealed plans to conduct 5G demonstrations on its network in the second half of 2016, ZDNet Australia reports, citing comments made by the cellco’s General Manager for Access Network Delivery Kevin Millroy. With the 5G trials expected to be conducted in Vodafone Australia’s lab, Millroy noted: ‘We’re going to get our first glimpse of this toward the back end of this year … We’re working with a number of our partners at the moment, so there’s not going to be any announcement as to who we’re working with, but it will be our first opportunity to see and experience what a customer will get with a 5G offering, but it will be the first glimpse of it. The actual network will not be there until 2020.’

Vodafone Australia CEO Inaki Berroeta meanwhile has also revealed that his company is considering offering services over the National Broadband Network (NBN), now that the infrastructure rollout is reaching more people. ‘Now we’ve seen the NBN reaching a number of households, and they are now close to one million premises, and they have announced close to five million by the end of next year, and this is also another area that we are looking very closely,’ Berroeta noted, adding: ‘We are investing a lot of time and effort in understanding whether this is something that we want to go into in the future, and how to [do it] in a way that we can provide some value to our customers.’

Australia, Vodafone Australia (TPG Telecom Limited)