Elisa records 1.9Gbps speeds over 4G infrastructure

24 Aug 2016

Finland’s Elisa claims to have set a new world record, achieving a downlink speed of 1.9Gbps over its test 4G network. In a press release announcing the development, Elisa noted that it had partnered with Chinese vendor Huawei on the trials, utilising the latter’s ‘latest 4G technology’. Commenting on the matter, Sami Komulainen, vice president of mobile network services at Elisa, said: ‘This new speed record is a step towards the 5G network and also an excellent indication of all the opportunities the 4G network still has to offer. The speeds that the 4G network offers are continuously increasing and, possibly in the next few years, we will even be able to offer mobile data connections of several gigabits per second to our customers.’ At present, Elisa’s live 4G networks offer a maximum theoretical downlink speed of 450Mbps, with its fastest speed marketed to customers being 300Mbps.

Finland, Elisa Corporation