Ifetel pushes back 2.5GHz auction to 2017

22 Aug 2016

Adolfo Cuevas, a commissioner at Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Institute (Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones, Ifetel), has reportedly revealed that the auction for LTE-suitable spectrum in the 2.5GHz band (2500MHz-2690MHz) will be delayed until 2017, Reuters reports. The tender – which was scheduled to be held in the second half of 2016 – will be pushed back to coincide with a change in the bidding schedule for an open access wholesale network with exclusive use of a 90MHz block of spectrum in the 700MHz band (delayed until January 2017). Cuevas said that in the meantime, studies will be conducted to define the size of the blocks to be assigned, the band’s uses and spectrum caps.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, in August 2012 the government reclaimed spectrum in the 2.5GHz band from eleven companies, while also revealing plans to refarm the frequencies for the deployment of 4G technology. Ifetel said in July 2015 that it will redistribute the spectrum for both frequency division duplex LTE (FDD-LTE) or time division duplex LTE (TD-LTE) usage from 2016, as part of its National Radioelectric Spectrum Plan (Plan Nacional de Espectro Radioelectrico).

Mexico, Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT)