MTS Ukraine tests LTE with Nokia

11 Aug 2016

MTS Ukraine (using the Vodafone brand) and Finnish technology giant Nokia have concluded tests of 4G LTE solutions using the 1800MHz and 2100MHz FDD spectrum bands, reports Two months of testing was carried out at the Vodafone Ukraine technical site, with the aim of gaining practical experience in planning and deploying an LTE network and its integration into the operator’s existing 2G/3G mobile network infrastructure. In particular, interaction between UMTS, GSM and LTE networks was tested to support data, voice and messaging services, whilst aggregating 2100MHz and 1800MHz frequencies, according to the report. Data rates of up to 173Mbps were achieved in the tests.

Ukraine has established a working group on the implementation of 4G, tasked with defining the terms and conditions of the tender to issue 4G licences in the country, whilst several operators are expected to be ready to launch LTE networks as soon as licensing is implemented.