Mila publishes new reference offer for access to the local loop

11 Aug 2016

Icelandic telecoms watchdog the Post and Telecom Administration (Post-og Fjarskiptastofnun, PTA) has revealed that Mila’s new reference offer for wholesale access to the local loop has come into effect, thus replacing the operator’s reference offer from 2009. PTA’s Decision No. 21/2014 – which covered Mila’s fibre-optic infrastructure for the first time – designated the company as having significant market power (SMP) in Market 4 and imposed specific obligations on the operator, including tariff controls in regards to the copper network. Mila was required to provide a new reference offer no later than 13 February 2015, though it missed that deadline by eight months; its draft reference offer was submitted to the PTA for review on 9 October 2015.