Digi raising its 4G game with 2100MHz coverage

10 Aug 2016

Romanian quadruple-play operator RCS&RDS (Digi) has begun switching on 4G LTE coverage in its previously 3G-only 2100MHz frequency band in various areas of the country, reports Romanian website Gadget.ro. Although not an official launch yet, users have reported receiving 2100MHz signal on their devices for LTE data transmission, whereas Digi previously utilised only the 2600MHz band for TD-LTE-based services, alongside its 3G network using the 2100MHz and 900MHz bands. The move should lead to significant expansion of Digi’s 4G coverage and capacity to more closely match cellular rivals Orange, Vodafone and Telekom Romania. Responding to queries from Gadget.ro, Digi indicated that its request for LTE utilisation of the 2100MHz band was granted as a formality, as its rights to do so are enshrined in the existing technology-neutral electronic communications licensing framework implemented under EU guidelines.

Romania, RCS&RDS (DIGI)