Spain consults on virtual unbundled access to Movistar fibre

8 Aug 2016

Having approved final regulations governing the wholesale broadband market in February 2016, Spanish telecoms regulator the Comision Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) has now launched a public consultation related to wholesale services offered over Telefonica Espana’s fibre-optic infrastructure.

In a press release the regulator confirmed that it is looking to have Telefonica Espana, which offers its services under the Movistar banner, provide a ‘NEBA local’ service (analogous to a virtual unbundled local access [VULA] connection) in areas deemed not to have sufficient competition in the fibre arena; in its February 2016 ruling the CNMC noted that Telefonica Espana would be exempted from opening up its fibre network in a total of 66 municipalities, equivalent to 35% of the population. The watchdog has also noted that speeds of up to 300Mbps should be provided as part of this wholesale offering, with alternative operators able to strike deals with Telefonica Espana for any downlink rate up to that top level to allow them to offer a broad range of services.

Upon conclusion of the consultation, which is set to run for two months, the CNMC will notify the European Commission (EC) of the final proposals, following which it will look to give the final nod to the plans. Once approved, the Spanish regulator expects Telefonica Espana to introduce the NEBA local service within twelve months.