MICITT begins briefing local governments to ease network deployment

1 Aug 2016

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnologia y Telecomunicaciones, MICITT) has begun talks with municipal and local governments to help speed up the deployment of telecoms networks under the framework of the Action Plan for Telecommunications Infrastructure (Plan de Accion de Infraestructura de Telecomunicaciones, PAIT). Under the PAIT, technicians from the MICITT will visit councils and other local government officials to provide technical and legal advice on expanding telecoms networks. To date, the MICITT has briefed officials in Montes de Oca and Esparza, explaining how telecoms networks operate and providing advice on possible improvements in each location.

In a statement from the MICITT, deputy minister Edwin Estrada was quoted as saying: ‘We are convinced of the importance and transcendental role of telecommunications for the benefit of the population. We insist on the importance that all decisions made in the institutions linked with the process [of] infrastructure construction have adequate technical and legal basis; i.e. they are based on science and technology, as well as criteria of reasonableness and proportionality.’ Marecelo Jenkins, minister of science, technology and telecommunications, added: ‘It is important to highlight the crucial role played by municipalities in this process because they are responsible for processing the permits for the development of telecommunications infrastructure in order that the inhabitants of each district have access to quality telecommunications services.’