Telkom warns of congestion in TD-LTE network

28 Jul 2016

South African operator Telkom is experiencing congestion on some sections of its 4G time division duplex LTE (TD-LTE) network operating in the 2300MHz band, due to an ‘unprecedented increase’ in demand in busier metropolitan areas. The operator said that the problem is an exception, ‘as currently over 80% of [its] base stations are delivering LTE speeds of 10Mbps and higher.’ Telkom added that it has earmarked additional investment in infrastructure to cope with the growing demand. ‘The congested areas have all been identified and we are working with our provider, Huawei, to speed up the implementation of additional core capacity, site backhaul and radio capacity … Improvements in the most congested areas will be felt in the next week and will steadily improve across all congested sites within the next three weeks.’

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