Romanian cellcos fined for failure to meet wireless broadband coverage targets

27 Jul 2016

Romanian telecoms watchdog ANCOM has imposed fines totaling RON900,000 (USD221,600) on cellcos Orange, Vodafone and Telekom Romania Mobile Communications for failure to meet the two-year wireless broadband coverage targets stipulated by the terms of their 800MHz digital dividend spectrum licences, which were auctioned in September 2012 and became valid in April 2014. ANCOM confirms that the three operators fell short of covering their full quotas of specified unserved villages/rural municipalities by the deadline of 5 April 2016. Vodafone failed to cover 72 out of its 225 stipulated settlements and was fined RON720,000; Orange was fined RON120,000 for failing to cover twelve of its 225 settlement quota; and Telekom (formerly Cosmote Romania) failed to cover six of its stipulated 169 settlements, costing it RON60,000 in fines. A fourth operator RCS&RDS (Digi) was awarded 900MHz spectrum in the 2012 multi-band auction, and is assumed to have met its licensing conditions of covering the remaining 57 rural/unserved settlements on ANCOM’s list of 676 specific locations.