EC asks Austria to amend fixed, mobile termination rate proposal

27 Jul 2016

The European Commission (EC) has issued a recommendation asking Austria’s Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting & Telecoms (RTR) to amend or withdraw its proposal to allow Austrian operators to differentiate fixed and mobile termination rates based on the member state from which the call originates. In its draft measure, the RTR proposed higher price caps for calls originating in member states which have not brought down mobile and fixed termination rates in line with the EU Recommendation on Termination Rates. Following a three-month investigation, the EC has concluded that a measure adopting the origin of the call within the EU as the sole criterion for setting a higher rate, is not in line with the non-discrimination principle and would deepen existing barriers in the internal market.

Brussels has requested the RTR to withdraw its proposal or to amend it so that the termination rates are set in line with EU telecom rules; if the Austrian watchdog decides against amending its draft proposal, then it has to provide a valid justification.