Angolan regulator clamps down on SIM street sales

27 Jul 2016

The Angolan Communications Institute (INACOM) has prohibited sales of mobile SIM cards by street vendors or via other ‘informal’ sales channels outside of authorised agent outlets, news agency ANGOP reports. According to the telecoms regulator’s statement, mobile network operators must ‘adopt mechanisms and effective measures to withdraw immediately or to inhibit’ the sale of SIM cards outside of their official retail agent structure. INACOM and other relevant authorities will inspect and apply sanctions to every network operator or electronic communication services provider that fails to comply with the issued instruction, the statement warned. In June 2015 Angolan cellcos began a process of registering and updating their user’s personal identification data, with a view to preventing criminal abuse of networks and communication services, whilst a wider government scheme aimed to see all users of telecoms services (including mobile, fixed telephony and internet/data services) to update their identification details with their respective operators by February 2016.