Orange, Sonatel finalise Airtel Sierra Leone takeover

20 Jul 2016

French-based telecoms provider Orange Group has completed the acquisition of 100% of mobile operator Airtel in Sierra Leone, in partnership with its Senegal-based subsidiary Sonatel. Orange has revealed that following the inking of the acquisition agreement with Airtel in January 2016, it had obtained all the official approbations necessary to complete the transaction. Bruno Mettling, Deputy CEO of Orange Group and Chairman & CEO of Orange MEA, stated: ‘We are pleased to announce that the acquisition of the mobile operator Airtel in Sierra Leone has been finalised. This new acquisition, which will be consolidated by Sonatel, will further strengthen Orange’s strategic position on the African continent.’

Orange stated that Sierra Leone offers considerable growth potential, particularly at a time when significant investments are underway to extend Airtel Sierra Leone’s 3G network. The network, which offers good coverage in Freetown and other major towns in Sierra Leone, is set to provide internet access to customers living outside major urban areas.

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